What to Bring to Camp (and not)


  • Sack lunch (non-refrigerated)
  • Backpack (packed for all camp days, even non-swim scheduled days). Backpacks should include: swimsuit, towel, sunscreen (30+ SPF recommended), insect spray, plastic bag for wet clothes, a jacket for inclement weather, lunch, an extra pair of socks.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. For your child’s safety, please make sure they wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Wear camp shirt. Previous summers’ shirts may be worn but your child must wear the ‘current’ shirt on major field trip days. Wearing camp shirts is important for the safety of our campers. For a child not wearing a camp shirt, the child will be provided with a camp shirt and you will be charged for the shirt.
  • A water bottle is required for each day.
  • Many of our trips, especially on rainy days, require that your children have socks. Please pack an extra pair of socks in their backpacks.

Please do not rely on your children to ensure that they have their items or pack a healthy lunch. Please double check, as it’s no fun for the kids to have to watch everyone else play because they forgot a swimsuit, shoes, or socks. Please label all items with your child’s name (including camp shirts and backpacks).


  • Gum: Please do not allow your child to bring gum to camp.
  • Candy: There will be opportunities for children to buy candy on some field trips and swim days. We will allow your child to purchase one item of candy per day. There is no candy allowed on the buses.
  • Toys/electronics: We provide activities and games for your child. These games are designed to foster group involvement and skills; therefore, please leave toys and all types of electronics at home. Besides interfering with group activities, we do not want these items to be lost or broken.
  • Valuables: Please do not allow your child to bring expensive or valuable items to camp. Camp Agape is not responsible for any valuables lost or damaged while at camp.


  • Spending Money: Many times children will come to camp with large amounts of money. We suggest parents limit the amount of money their children bring each day.
  •  Purchasing Food: Please don’t send lunch money with your child on field trip days. Groups will go to concession stands to purchase snacks, but for the safety of your children, we cannot allow children to stand in line alone; nor can a counselor leave their group to stand in line with your child.

Thank you!  We are excited for a great year of camp.  Send any questions my way at [email protected]

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