We make every effort to make Camp Agape both affordable and high quality.  Below are the prices for the 2017 season of Camp Agape.

Tuition: Tuition is the cost of camp minus the costs for field trips.  We offer registration in two forms- full week or three-day.  If you register for three-day you are allowed to pick which days work best for you.

K-5th: $115 per week ($28 per day)
Challenge (6th-8th): $135 per week ($32 per day)

Field Trips: We are excited about our awesome field trips this year!  Here is a schedule  for K-5 and Challenge (6th-8th) field trips, and their costs, so that you can customize your child’s camp schedule:

 K-5 schedule

Challenge (6th-8th) schedule

Extended Care:  We realize your schedule may not allow you to match Camp Agape’s operating hours (9:00am-3:30 pm), so we offer early arriver and late pickup from 7 am- 6 pm each day. Extended care costs are per child and are as following:

Extra Early Arriver (7-9am): $12 per day (only $6 per hour)
Early Arriver (8-9am): $7 per day
Late Pick up (3:45-5pm): $7 per day
Extra Late Pick Up (3:45-6pm): $12 per day

Registration Fee: $39 per child. This is a one-time fee which includes the price of the camp t-shirt.


Multiple Sibling– You will receive $5 off per week for each additional sibling attending camp.

Church Member– You will receive $10 off per week if you are an active member of Life Bridge Community Church.