Camp Agape (June 4th-August 3rd)

There are a lot of options for your kids these days, so why choose Camp Agape?

Camp Agape is unique.  Most camps nowadays have very little variety in terms of locations and activities.  Camp Agape is the exact opposite!  Kids are active, and often enjoying the great outdoors, five days a week.  They visit pools, trampoline parks, nature centers, zoos, XTreme Wheels, the Museum of Science & Industry and much more.

Camp Agape is flexible.  You not only get to choose what weeks and field trips your kid attends, you can even pick what days each week they attend (minimum 3 days per week).  Do you Leave for work early or arrive home late?  We have early arriver and late pickup options for parents as well (7am-6pm).

Camp Agape is wholesome and safe.  Whether you are a Christian or not, you will appreciate the love, care, compassion, and patience that our employees have for each child.  We maintain smaller ratios of kids to counselor so that each child will receive the attention and care that they deserve.

Camp Agape is fun and educational.  Your children will love singing high energy songs and learning exciting Bible stories.  This year’s theme is Adventures on the Sea!

Camp Agape is impactful.  I have heard so many stories of kids from our community that were positively impacted by Camp Agape.  I believe that if you give Camp Agape a chance your child will create wonderful memories that can last a lifetime.

We hope to see your child at Camp Agape this Summer!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]  God bless you and your great family!

Dave Zablocki

Camp Agape Director & Pastor of Children and Family Ministries

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